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In the vast world of royalty free music we bring you something unique. Designers in Sound proudly presents ‘the music and sound effect bundle’. For the price of one track you get an included set of variations and sound effects. Musically they work together like pieces of an audio puzzle to give sound and more identity to your presentation.

  • Use the bundle for background music in Youtube, iMovie, podcasting or corporate videos.
  • Drag and drop sounds in PowerPoint, Prezi, Keynote or any other presentation software.
  • Captivate your audience on stage or at events.

Thanks to its flexibility the consistent use of a music and sound effect bundle can be a powerful tool.

Capture attention, set the mood and add a professional flair to your presentation.

Check our Music and Sound fx Bundles

Set the Mood | Capture Attention | Make a Connection


Achievement | Confident | Corporate | Inspirational | Motivational


Ethereal | Atmospheric | Documentary | Success | Innovation


Business | Corporate | Optimistic | Uplifting, Happy | Cheerful


Orchestral | Business | Inspirational | Harmonious | Achievement


Discovery | Innovation | Futuristic | Inspirational | Technology


Achievement | Teamwork | Inspiration | Driving | Uptempo

After purchasing the bundle you are free to use and publish the music in any way you desire. Without limitations.
To avoid compatibility issues we kindly give you all the music and sound effects in both WAV & Mp3.
Simply drag and drop the audio files into your project and let the music bring your presentation alive.
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